How it works
Insights of StrongerDoge
StrongerDoge (STRDG) is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that includes best functionalities of modern cryptocurrencies like DeFi apps with high yields using smart contracts and a NFT market place, among other interesting things. It will be an auditable token that will include programs of buy back and burning of tokens to reduce the supply coins on the market, making Stronger Doge a deflationary token, our main difference with Dogecoin will be the supply, while Dogecoin has infinite supply and their core developers can mint Dogecoins infinitely our Stronger Doge will have no keys for minting any single additional token and gradually the supply will be reduced with time making more valuable your investment if you hodl strong.
StrongerDoge will be totally decentralized and maintained by the community, alongside with our products we're launching the Stronger Army that will lead the direction and important decisions of the project this will provide warranties of continuos development, improvements and maintenance, something that has not happened in years of the existence of Doge coin.
The supply of STRDG will be finite, the maximum amount of tokens that will be circulating will be of 10,000,000,000,000 STRDG and will be reduced during time with the buyback and token burn program.
Token functionalities:
1) Will be used to create yield pools
2) You'll be able to stake them and create new tokens using the DeFi app.
3) Will work as a payment method to create NFT tokens inside the StrongerDoge NFT marketplace.
4) Interests earned on the yield pools will be used to buy back $STRDG tokens from the market to burn them forever, reducing the supply.
5) It will be used as payment option in different stores and marketplaces associated to the Stronger Doge network.
6) It Will be used as a cross-chain token using smart contracts that locks the amount to mint in other blockchains.
7) It Will count with a halving system to reduce the token minting during approximately 10 years.
8) StrongerDoge has its own payments gateway that will be able to provide integrations with third parties like partners, mobile apps, online stores and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.
Stronger Staking is a product intended to increase your STRDG tokens on our DeFi app to obtain high yields, our smart contract will return yields depending on the amount of staked tokens and the time you let your tokens, the higher amount and time the higher returns. The StrongerStaking system will mint the 47.9999% of the StrongerDoge during the next 10 years.
Buyback and burning program
With the yields obtained on the yield pools the circulating tokens will be bought back and will be burned forever using the burn function of the Smart contract. This will be an important task in benefit of our investors that periodically will be held until reduce the circulating supply to 50% initially. Later this program will continue depending on the community voting.
function burn(address account, uint256 amount) public { require(minters[msg.sender], "!minter"); _burn(account, amount); }
StrongerDoge Halving
To mint 4799,999,999,998 STRDG (47.9999999998% of the total supply) during 10 years, it will be implemented a halving program that will decrease the emission of tokens via Staking that will be as follows:
1st year:
1999,999,999,999 STRDG
2nd year:
900,000,000,000 STRDG
3rd year:
700,000,000,000 STRDG
4th year:
510,000,000,000 STRDG
5th year
300,000,000,000 STRDG
6th year:
200,000,000,000 STRDG
7th year:
100,000,000,000 STRDG
8th year:
50,000,000,000 STRDG
9th year:
30,000,000,000 STRDG
10th year
10,000,000,000 STRDG
StrongerGateway - Our complete solution to receive and process payments
The stronger payment gateway will be a feature that allow third parties and merchants to integrate it with their platforms, mobile app, online stores and will have a Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture. This will allow the use of Stronger Doge (STRDG) as a payment method globally. Right now our SCO is running on a BETA version of the StrongerGateway.
StrongerNFT Marketplace
Our Stronger NFT marketplace will offer NFT tokens created in StrongerDoge and other platforms, the platform will accept STRDG tokens for transactions and also other payment options using our StrongerGateway.
Additionally before the launching of our NFT market we will release every week a collectible unique NFT item that will be on sale on the marketplace.
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