Interested in our private sale? Here's how to buy
Buying guide for private sales, using our Stronger payment gateway

1. Visit our web

Press the buy tokens button or enter to our payments gateway directly:โ€‹
Make sure you're on under a secure (HTTPS/SSL) connection.

2. Enter your data

This information is required to send the payment details to your email to continue the payment process

3. Choose the desired amount to purchase and your payment method

Enter the amount you want to purchase
Choose your preferred payment method from the available on the list
Confirm your purchase and proceed to checkout

3. Scan the QR code with your wallet or send the amount to the wallet address displayed on the payment screen

After confirm you will receive an email and you can use the QR code to pay with your favorite wallet

4. Don't forget the token sale details and to buy stronger!

Last modified 2mo ago